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Making Marriage Work with Ongoing Health Issues

Marriage can be hard work without the added stress of one partner’s ongoing health issues. Keeping a marriage afloat during these times can take a combination of trial and error, brutal honesty, professional help, and strategies to deal with practical, everyday matters.


AKA Watch and Wait, Watchful Waiting, Active Surveillance, or Expectant Management. Whatever you call it, many people with acoustic neuroma choose not having treatment, at least initially.

Facial paralysis is often one of the biggest fears of patients considering AN treatment.  Doctors have become much more adept at preserving the facial nerve to avoid unwanted outcomes, but there are cases where the facial nerve is affected and movement is compromised.

  On Saturday, May 12th, more than 130 acoustic neuroma patients and caregivers attended the ANA Patient Education Event hosted by Johns Hopkins Medicine Department of Neurosurgery.

The program consisted of case studies, lectures on topics including treatment, vestibular rehabilitation, hearing restoration, and facial reanimation.

Hearing loss is considered an invisible illness and can therefore be challenging in daily life.  This article offers five suggestions to make your struggle more visible and ultimately, to improve your quality of life.