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Fall Webinar Series - Webinars will continue in the fall 2015. Check here for latest information.

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Acoustic Neuroma Legacy Society - Define your legacy through your will.

Find Answers and Networking Opportunities

Acoustic Neuroma Association is a patient organization established in 1981 to provide education and support to those diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. This rare tumor is benign and is located on the hearing and balance nerve. The first symptoms include hearing loss, tinnitus, balance issues and a feeling of fullness in the affected ear.

If you think you have an acoustic neuroma, you should have an MRI with gadolinium contrast—it's the best method to determine if you have one. You should also have an audiogram performed to effectively evaluate hearing in both ears.

Local Support Groups and our Willing to Talk list are key to connecting with others who share your common issues and concerns, providing educational and emotional support.

Seeking Treatment

ANA recommends treatment from a medical team with substantial acoustic neuroma experience.

The size of your tumor, the location of it, your age, your symptoms, your hearing and your overall health play a role in making a treatment decision. Patients with tumors 2.5 cm or smaller generally are good candidates for radiosurgery. If microsurgery is a choice, there are three different approaches to be considered. If the tumor is very small, and you have minimal symptoms, you may choose to observe it over time to see if it grows. There are benefits and risks to all treatment options. We also recommend that you get several opinions so you can feel more confident about the treatment you choose.

For an acoustic neuroma specialist, start your research in our Medical Resources section.

When you join ANA, you join thousands of other acoustic neuroma patients, family members and friends who have benefited from ANA's information and support network. Please join us today.

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