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Acoustic Neuroma Patient Stories

Read stories from the ANA community and share your own acoustic neuroma story to help inspire others.


Oscar Gonzalez de las Cuevas

On January 27th 2020 , I was diagnosed with something that I had never heard of – a 1.9 cm acoustic neuroma. Although a benign tumor, my ENT made it clear there could be a downside. The tumor’s location could potentially cause a variety of symptoms.

Rapid Decrease in Hearing Led to AN Diagnosis
By Rob Landis

It was the summer of 2013, between my sophomore and junior years of college. I was making plans for the summer to hang out with my friends, take some vacations, and work part-time to earn some extra money. Unfortunately, all of this was put on hold very suddenly.  At the age of 20, I learned I had an acoustic neuroma.

Life Can Change in an Instant
Jerikah Cato

One morning I woke up with constant ringing in my left ear. I didn’t think anything of it and mentioned it to my primary doctor a few months later. She asked if I had any vertigo and I remembered having episodes in the past. I also told her about my migraines which I’d had for years.

I saw an ENT soon after and my hearing test revealed significant hearing loss in my left ear which led to an MRI. I viewed the CD of my MRI scan and saw a large mass and my heart sank. As I waited for my next ENT appointment, my mind was racing in many directions thinking about how my life was about to change.

Finding Information and Support After Misdiagnosis
By Elizabeth Kauermann

In the fall of 2019, a clogged ear and reduced hearing were treated unsuccessfully with Flonase and allergy medication by my ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physician. After also developing a numb tongue, I decided to seek out another ENT to find answers, and hopefully a more successful treatment solution.

Joyful Activities – Finding a New Hobby Post-Treatment
Paula Stoehr

I’m about 8 months post- surgery (Translab). I’ve been stuck at home due to dizziness and am currently unable to drive. My eyes struggle to stay focused, and my attention span is short. Consequently, I can no longer enjoy some of my favorite hobbies and activities, like reading.

I wanted to find some new hobbies, so I reached out to the ANA North Carolina support group via their Facebook page (and my own page) and the response was amazing! I compiled a list of activities and ideas and I hope, like me, you are inspired to try something new!

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