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One of our board members and support group leaders shared this article about brain fog. There are many AN patients who struggle with this both before and after treatment.

This story on tinnitus was recently featured on The Today Show. Many in the AN community struggle with tinnitus and it is often one of the first signs people notice on their AN Journey. However, it is a widespread issue that almost all people with hearing loss deal with, no matter what the cause. 

Sponsor Post: Complex Case: Rare Cochlear Implantation After Previous NF2 Tumor Removal

This article was reposted with the permission of NYU Langone.

A recent cochlear implantation restored hearing in a patient left profoundly deaf by prior surgery and radiation treatment for neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) tumors. The successful cochlear implant (CI) application—rarely performed in such situations—challenges the long-held belief that the device is not a viable option for previously treated NF2 patients.

Dear Friend,

I never imagined my life would take a dramatic turn as the result of an acoustic neuroma. Prior to my diagnosis, I realized I could not hear people approach me. I assumed my office phone was not working properly. Eventually, tinnitus became a concern. I attributed this to my blood pressure. Dizziness, I told myself, was the result of fatigue.

I finally visited my doctor to get to the root of my issues. “Maybe,” I thought to myself, “it’s just an ear problem?”

A recent article in the New York Times discusses falling, a topic that many acoustic neuroma patients contend with both before and after treatment. The article's title is a bit alarmist, but it contains good information about which medications can cause dizziness or drowsiness, what health issues can contribute to falls, and how to take steps to minimize your risk of falling.