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Several studies over the last few years have shown a connection between hearing loss and dementia. And while a causal relationship hasn’t been proven, there are several theories regarding how hearing loss might contribute to cognitive decline and dementia.

On his wonderful podcast “Unique Smiles”, comedian Brian Apprille welcomes acoustic neuroma patient Georgia Kelley. Georgia tells the story of her surprise diagnosis during a very difficult period of her life and the amazing support she received from her four young daughters and community during her recovery from surgery and facial paralysis.

Hearing loss affects nearly every aspect of life and impacts nearly 50 million Americans. Yet only about 20% of those affected use a hearing device. Why?

Yesterday was National Technology Day (who knew?) and there were several articles on technologically advanced hearing aids being introduced with things like bluetooth technology, streaming capabilities and new options designed to blur the lines between hearing aids and traditional "hearables" (aka smart headphones). Meanwhile there is still a group of people that find the older telecoil hearing aid technology still incredibly reliable and helpful.

Hearing is a gift. This video of a baby hearing for the first time has gone viral - for good reason!