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This is a difficult and challenging time for all our friends in the AN community. Physical distancing is necessary, but social distancing doesn't have to be.

Brain fog. Not only can it be difficult to live with, it can be difficult to describe to our loved ones. It can affect many different aspects of our lives. And it can get better or worse by the day or minute.

Notes Newsletter March Issue Online Now!

The March 2020 issue of Notes is now available in the ANA Member Section of our website.  In this issue:

The balance system is one of the human body's most complex. Thankfully, it is also quite resilient. Many AN patients have balance issues both before and after treatment.

Coffee is truly a worldwide favorite. In many parts of the world it is not only a beverage, but an event. In coffee houses, restaurants and kitchen tables far and wide, some of the most important moments of our lives are played out over a cup of joe. Unfortunately, another common experience binds many of us - tinnitus.