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What Scares Me Most About My Hearing Loss

Losing one's hearing is scary at best and it's not a disability that others can see, so they don't know the struggles those with hearing loss face.

Sometimes Patients Simply Need Other Patients

One of the primary focuses of ANA is offering support to patients, both newly diagnosed and those that are post-treatment. We do that in a number of ways, from support groups and our online discussion forum to our Peer Mentor program of patients that are willing to talk about their experiences.

Pianist Kevin Cole Stages a Comeback after Brain Surgery

Kevin Cole is a concert pianist that was diagnosed with a large acoustic neuroma earlier this year. He's just played his first concert since his surgery with rave reviews from The Chicago Tribune.

Please join us for two exciting upcoming events - our next ANA Live and Patient Education Event!

Preventative Coping - A Strategy to Prevent Tinnitus Spikes

With no cure, tinnitus patients are often told they must "learn to live with it", leaving many searching for ways to cope. Most people deal with their tinnitus reactively. This video recognizes the importance of those reactive coping techniques and therapies, but also offers a more proactive approach.