Acoustic Neuroma Association
600 Peachtree Parkway
Suite 108
Cumming, GA 30041

Christina Liao, a high school sophomore from Hacienda Heights, whose uncle was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma in 2015, organized a fundraiser to benefit ANA in her uncle's honor. We are so thankful to Christina for her efforts! Read Christina's story:

"Recently, as a way of offering encouragement and support to my uncle and other acoustic neuroma patients, their family members, caregivers and everyone in the AN community, I organized a small fundraiser as part of the Chinese New Year festivities at my local Chinese school in Hacienda Heights. We had a fun time working with them, as well as the Origami Club (which I founded) at my high school. The origami themed event raised over $200 for the Acoustic Neuroma Association.

In 2015, my uncle was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. The news came as a shock as he was only in his 40s, an avid tennis player, and the epitome of physical fitness and healthy living. It has been almost four years since the golf-ball sized tumor was completely removed. While the surgery was successful, my uncle deals with the daily challenges of his “new normal”, which includes single-sided deafness; vision, balance and coordination impairment; facial paralysis and brain fatigue. Despite these daily hurdles, to the naked eye one would never guess he had undergone this life impacting surgery or was disabled to any degree. He never complains and simply works to make the best of his new circumstances.

My uncle’s “road bump”(as he calls it) is a reminder of how precious life is, as it can be dramatically impacted without warning. Through the combination of good blessing, unwavering determination, and a very positive attitude; my uncle is not merely surviving or living. He is thriving! Seeing how he faces these challenges head on inspires me to try to make every day of my life impactful in some way."