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One of the many benefits we offer our members is access to our webinar program. We have been producing webinars since 2013 and have covered a variety of topics that are important to those dealing with acoustic neuroma. These are all contained in our webinar library, which is accessible through our exclusive member section on the ANA website.

Our webinars feature doctors and experts from facilities all over the country. This is a vast resource that offers information and advice on everything from balance, hearing and facial issues to decision-making, cognitive issues and detailed looks at available treatment options. For anyone that has been recently diagnosed or for those looking for information on ongoing symptoms or their "new normal", our webinars provide unparalleled access to physicians and medical professionals who specialize in these areas.

Every webinar includes time for a question and answer session, providing you the opportunity to hear the questions that other patients have. Imagine being able to get answers to questions you hadn’t even thought to ask yet! We offer surveys at the end of each webinar so you can provide input on the speaker, his or her presentation, the webinar itself and even offer input on future topics.

We have several very interesting webinars coming this fall and they are all FREE to ANA members. We hope you will join us!

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