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A Quiet Place

Have you seen this movie? It's supposed to be disturbingly quiet. The author watches part of it in a room called an anechoic chamber, a room designed to absorb ALL sound. Our director, Allison had a chance to explore a room just like this at Vanderbilt recently and said it was a really interesting sensation.

The article describes how we experience sound, even before birth and how the absence of it can be disturbing. I'm sure most AN patients can attest to this after losing at least some hearing on one side, making the determination of where a sound is coming from more difficult. It also discusses how taking away large, overwhelming sounds makes smaller, less noticeable sounds louder and more invasive; another experience many AN patients have in what is known as tinnitus. An interesting read on the intricacies of hearing and sound, or the lack of it in this case.  Read article here.