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Caring for someone who has an ongoing medical issue is not only stressful, it can also be time-consuming, isolating, and complicated. During Caregiver Awareness Month, ANA is sharing resources, tips and ideas to help AN caregivers with their daunting and important role. 

These articles highlight different types of apps that caregivers of all ages have found useful to integrate into their lives to manage and streamline information.  One way to leverage the power of your smartphone or tablet is to identify specific tasks that consume much of your time or processes of caregiving that seem disorganized, or to connect you to others for support.

The Easter Seal article was written for caregivers of patients who have had a stroke, but several of the apps mentioned could work for AN caregivers. The Mashable article mentions apps for specific medical conditions, and also for more general purposes. If these apps don’t work for you, search the App Store on your smart device for apps that help you to help your loved one.




Note: In no case does ANA endorse any commercial product, physician, surgeon, medical procedure, medical institution or its staff.