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ANA strongly urges patients, families, or anyone seeking information or treatment for an acoustic neuroma to consider consultation with physicians who have had substantial experience in treating this condition.

The physicians or organizations listed have self-reported data to meet criteria established by the ANA for having substantial experience in treating acoustic neuromas. The physicians have paid an administrative fee to be listed.  These listings should NOT in any way be construed as an endorsement, referral or recommendation by the ANA. The ANA does NOT make any independent determinations concerning the qualifications of any listed physician or organization.  It is every individual's responsibility to verify the qualifications, education and experience of any healthcare professional.

ANA advises that all treatment choices, including "watch and wait" have consequences. ANA recommends those patients, families, or anyone seeking treatment to carefully weigh treatment options and make a well-informed decision after careful consideration of risks, consequences, complications, and potential outcomes.




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