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Joyful Activities – Finding a New Hobby Post-Treatment
Paula Stoehr

I’m about 8 months post- surgery (Translab). I’ve been stuck at home due to dizziness and am currently unable to drive. My eyes struggle to stay focused, and my attention span is short. Consequently, I can no longer enjoy some of my favorite hobbies and activities, like reading.

I wanted to find some new hobbies, so I reached out to the ANA North Carolina support group via their Facebook page (and my own page) and the response was amazing! I compiled a list of activities and ideas and I hope, like me, you are inspired to try something new!

Take your new normal symptoms into consideration when considering a new hobby or activity and search YouTube and Pinterest for inspiration. These are terrific resources for learning something new. Search DIY crafts and you’ll be amazed at what the human mind can create!

Because of the changes due to acoustic neuroma and treatment, It’s OK to get frustrated when your favorite things are no longer enjoyable.  Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to find a new hobby or a new passion. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this list, and I hope you find something new that brings you joy!

  • Adult coloring books- with colored pencils or markers
  • Jigsaw puzzles- real or online
  • Writing - poetry/journaling/ children's books/novels
  • Cooking/baking
  • Reading- audiobooks/ebooks/traditional books/magazines
  • Drawing and Painting – watercolor/oil/acrylic
  • Painting kindness rocks to leave for others to find (one person has started a neighborhood Facebook group and when a rock is found, a picture is taken, put on the page, and hidden again for someone else to find. What a wonderful way to connect with your neighbors!)
  • Birdwatching
  • Macrame/Knitting/Crocheting (finger & arm knitting as well)
  • Upgrading/flipping furniture or small items like frames, lamps, etc.
  • Digitizing photos
  • Genealogy research
  • Make sock gnomes, or other cute characters (YouTube has tons of tutorials)
  • Crosswords/word search/sudoku
  • Cross stitch/embroidery/punch needling
  • Quilting
  • Hook rugs
  • Needle felting
  • Jewelry making
  • Exercising – walking/running/weight training/yoga/hiking
  • Photography - cell phones have good cameras!
  • Plants/gardening/fairy gardens/terrariums/bonsai
  • Mod Podge crafts such as Christmas ornaments
  • Paper crafts/card making/scrapbooking/quilling
  • Looming/weaving
  • Learn a new language
  • Learn to play an instrument or a new instrument
  • Apps for your phone or tablet – games/coloring/puzzles/word search/crosswords, etc.

* Some of these ideas require supplies, and some are more costly than others. Dollar Tree and Five Below sell inexpensive art supplies.

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