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The mission of the Acoustic Neuroma Association® is to inform, educate and provide national and local support networks for those affected by acoustic neuromas.  Our national organization is committed to being the most trusted source of accurate medical information about acoustic neuromas.  All of the medical information published by ANA, either on our website, within social media or in print has been approved by our Medical Advisory Board.

ANA advises that users be wary of information found on the internet, as it does not always come from a trusted source and can communicate incorrect information.  Your personal research is key in determining risk factors, symptoms, treatment options, side effects and post-operative treatment effects of an acoustic neuroma.  Please utilize the resources provided by ANA or other respected sources to double check information found on the internet to determine its value.

Support Group Overview

Support groups are a vital extension of the support network that ANA members can provide for one another. The support groups provide an opportunity for networking and are able to assist in social and personal support for all acoustic neuroma patients including newly diagnosed, watch and wait and previously treated acoustic neuroma patients, their family members and any interested persons in the local area. Click on our Support Group link for more information.

ANetwork, Nationwide Peer Support Program

If we don't have a support group in your area or you want to network with others, a very valuable resource is our ANetwork, Nationwide Peer Support Program - a list of ANA members who have had an acoustic neuroma, gone through treatment and recovery, and are now willing to have their contact information shared as a source of information and support. Networking with AN survivors on this list can be very beneficial and is a benefit of ANA membership. Click now for more information.

Caregivers Link

Acoustic neuroma patients often times have the need for a caregiver - either in the short-term, mid-term or long-term. Caregivers include spouses, parents, children, friends and siblings who are connected to the acoustic neuroma patient. Contact the ANA office for a Caregivers Information Sheet and click on our Caregivers link for more information.

Medical Resources Listings

ANA strongly urges patients, families, or anyone seeking information or treatment for an acoustic neuroma to consider consultation with physicians who have had substantial experience in treating this condition.

The physicians or organizations listed have self-reported data to meet criteria established by the ANA for having substantial experience in treating acoustic neuromas. The physicians have paid an administrative fee to be listed.  These listings should NOT in any way be construed as an endorsement, referral or recommendation by the ANA. The ANA does NOT make any independent determinations concerning the qualifications of any listed physician or organization.  It is every individual's responsibility to verify the qualifications, education, and experience of any health care professional. 

Website Member Section

There is a special ANA Member Section.  In this section, you will find the following:

  • ANA Newsletter,Notes
  • ANA patient information booklets
  • Medical journal articles related to acoustic neuroma
  • Webinars presented by leading acoustic neuroma medical professionals
  • 2013 Symposium Audio Recordings 
  • 2013 Symposium PowerPoint presentations

To access this section, you need to be a member or request a temporary membership. The link below enables you to request information and establish a temporary membership.


For members who need help logging into the member section email us at or call us at 877-200-8211.

ANA Patient Information Booklets

A Glimpse of the Brain - Updated July 2016
Headache Associated with Acoustic Neuroma Treatment - September 2015
Improving Balance Associated with Acoustic Neuroma - Updated May 2015
Acoustic Neuroma Basic Overview - Updated March 2015
Hearing Loss - Rehabilitation for Acoustic Neuroma Patients - Updated September 2014
Eye Care After AN Surgery - Updated February 2014
Diagnosis Acoustic Neuroma - What Next? - Updated February 2014
Facial Nerve and ANA - Possible Damage and Rehabilitation - Updated July 2013



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