Acoustic Neuroma Association
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Research Grant Program

The Mission

The ANA is dedicated to furthering all aspects of scientific knowledge related to acoustic neuromas, including its cause(s), development, and treatment, thus improving the lives of individuals living with AN, and finding its ultimate cure.

Our Interest Areas of Funding

Specific areas of funding may include but are not limited to research into diagnosis, treatment, symptom management, or quality of life, or other acoustic neuroma-related research.  These areas may be original research drawn from disciplines such as audiology, biology, psychology, sociology, or pharmacology.  Requests for proposal may be made for specific topics or areas of research interest to the ANA.


The ANA will consider funding researchers and/or centers who have a formal affiliation with nonprofit, academic, medical, or research institutions.  The principal investigator must have an appropriate level of background, training, and institutional engagement to support the proposed research. 

Amounts Available for Funding

Individual awards are typically up to $25,000 in a given year.  Multi-year projects may be considered if they are consistent with our research initiative.  Funding beyond the first year will be on a year-to-year basis, and multi-year projects are subject to annual review for ongoing funding.

Our Annual Grant Cycle 

The grant cycle will be composed of four phases: a Request for Funding Announcement (RFA), our review of Letters of Intent (LOI), a Request for Funding Proposal (RFP), and our review of those proposals.

The RFA will be typically be announced at least once annually, during the first quarter of the year.  Typically, multiple RFAs will have a different mission and may not be made on a predetermined basis.  The time between the RFA and the RFP will be of a reasonable length to allow for the preparation of an eligible RFP.

In addition, there may be an opportunity for an ‘out of cycle’ request for research funding that will be considered independently and at the discretion of the ANA leadership. Information on the timelines of the grant cycle will be made available through select ANA publication, digital, and communications platforms.  For further information, please contact Jim Shea, CEO, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Letter of Intent Guidelines

To begin the grant application process, we ask that prospective researchers first provide a Letter of Intent. This will allow the ANA the opportunity to consider both broad and specific research efforts - and evaluate areas of interest – prior to committing researchers to submit a complete a comprehensive proposal. Please limit your Letter of Intent to one page. The Letter of Intent will be reviewed and serve as the basis for inviting a full and complete proposal.

Letters of Intent should summarize the focus of the research, goals, overall cost, timeframe, and include a list of professionals as well as academic, medical, or research institutions to be involved.  Please forward your Letter of Intent to Jim Shea at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Proposal Guidelines

Our Research Task Force has established strong guidelines for those applying for a grant. Included within these guidelines (five-page limit for proposal) are requests for:

  1. Summary of most recent/relevant research and a statement of primary purpose
  2. A concise Statement of Goals
  3. An Impact Statement
  4. Research Strategy including Participants, Study Design, Analysis Method, and Potential Outcomes       
  5. Budget, including a statement that the ANA does not provide funding for indirect costs
  6. Project Timeframe
  7. List of Personnel Support

Award Review Process

All grant submissions will be reviewed by our Research Task Force and reviewing parties will include ANA Board members and third-party scientists with specialization in the area of acoustic neuroma. All grant submissions will be conducted using a blind review process and a funding recommendation will be confirmed by a decision of the ANA Board of Directors.

  • Letters of Intent deadline - Early April
  • Full Proposal deadline -  Early June
  • Announcement of Grant Funding - Late June