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FAQ: Joining the Patient Education Event through your Zoom link:

Q: How do I attend a Zoom webinar?
A: Attending a Zoom Webinar is as straightforward as clicking on a link. Webinar attendees do not need their own Zoom account to join a Webinar. You can join through a browser or the Zoom client from any desktop, laptop, mobile device

Q: Can I be seen in a zoom webinar?
A: A Zoom webinar is a view-only platform where the attendees cannot see each other, and the Host cannot see the attendees.

Q: How can I ask a question in a Zoom webinar?
A: There will be a Q&A button in the tool bar at the bottom of your screen where you can type questions in. The moderator will ask questions that come in through the Q&A tool verbally after each presentation. You may receive individual answers through that same tool.

For more information about joining a Zoom webinar as an attendee or to trouble shoot problems, please click here.

FAQ: Joining the Patient Education Event via Facebook:

Q: How can I see the Patient Education Event on Facebook?
A: YOU MUST HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT TO VIEW THIS EVENT ON FACEBOOK. If you do not have a Facebook account, you are welcome to watch as a webinar. Visit our event page to register and immediately receive a confirmation email providing access.

If you do have a Facebook account, go to the ANA Facebook page  or the UTSW O’Donnell Brain Institute Facebook page and the event will appear at the top of your feed once we go live. If it does not appear, just refresh the page. The event will stop and start between presentations, so you may have to refresh the page throughout the day.

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