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  1. Your ANA membership entitles you to the following benefits:

    • Receipt of our quarterly ANA newsletter, Notes, with the latest medical information on acoustic neuroma (access to this is available in the website Member Section at least two to three weeks prior to receiving mailed copy)
    • Access to an exclusive Member Section on our website, including published medical journal articles on acoustic neuroma, patient information booklets, webinars with an acoustic neuroma medical professional, symposium presentations and our newsletter archived with current and past issues
    • Webinar participation presented by acoustic neuroma professionals.
    • Invitations to our network of local support group meetings across the U.S. for your area

    Your membership and donation also supports the following vital patient-focused programs including:

    • Availability of patient information booklets on all aspects of acoustic neuroma pre- and post-treatment care, that can be downloaded in the exclusive website Member Section
    • ANetwork, Nationwide Peer Support Program
    • Research on acoustic neuroma, most recently with the 2014 patient survey
    • Access to our website with our ANA Discussion Forum
    • Presence on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

    The ANA Board of Directors advises that names and addresses gathered here are used only to mail a quarterly newsletter, inform members about local support group meetings and send other official ANA mailings. Names are not used for any commercial purposes and the data is not sold. Member names are not shared with other members without first asking permission.

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    Acoustic Neuroma Legacy Society: A planned gift today is a wonderful way to pass on your legacy tomorrow. Planned gifts include bequests, appreciated assets such as stocks, charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities.

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