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Pleased With My Outcome
Richard Ryon

My first suspicion that something was wrong was not hearing or dizziness. It was balance. I have solar panels on my roof to heat my swimming pool. Occasionally, it is necessary to repair leaks. While doing so, I felt very uncomfortable walking near the edge of my roof. I subsequently noticed that I was weaving about like a drunken sailor when walking.

My general practitioner sent me to a neurologist, who asked questions and did some simple tests. He sent me to get an MRI. It was obvious in the image that I had a modest sized (1.25 cm) acoustic neuroma. 

After consulting three surgeons and a radiation specialist, I decided on stereotactic radiation. My surgeon explained the procedure and pros and cons of proceeding. I was convinced proceeding was the best choice. The surgeon said I would “feel cheated,” as I would spend a few hours listening to music and feel that nothing had been done!  That proved to be the case, except for feeling cheated.

In the years since, I have had periodic MRI’s, and the tumor is shrinking! My balance has improved and I can pretty well walk a straight line. I am left with partial deafness in the affected ear, but that is not a big problem. In short, I am very pleased with the outcome. 

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