Author Topic: So many questions, so hard to wait to see the specialist (new here)  (Read 7373 times)

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Re: So many questions, so hard to wait to see the specialist (new here)
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Hi there:

Another former VGH patient here - with Dr. Durity (Dr. Akagami took over from Dr. Durity when he retired)....From what I know and heard, you have been referred to the cream of the crop :-) and wish you well. I have not met Dr. Akagami in person but he reads my MRIs each time I go for a followup MRI and sends me a copy of his report. Surgery was over 7 years ago now for left AN....I have traveled through an up and down recovery but hesitate to go into detail because everyone's recovery is so different. All in all, I am just so thankful to be spared facial paralysis, have learned to live with single sided deafness and have enough energy to look after our five boys :-) (My five boys all tell me that I hear better with one ear than with two - they don't get away with much here lol)  All the best! I guess the best advice I can give at this point is for you to write down every single question and have someone go with you to your appointment with Dr. Akagami. You will be given a lot of information and I hope that Dr. Akagami will patiently answer all your questions and as Dr. Durity did for me.