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An annoying occurance
« on: October 11, 2007, 09:52:39 am »
Two times recently I have had incidents at security screening areas.Both times a screener was standing in front of me talking.Since I have no hearing on the right side it was all I could do to make out what was being said by the person.Meanwhile in both cases another screener was standing behind me and slightly to my right and talking to me as well.Both times I never heard a word this person was saying and was unaware that they were even speaking to me.As a result I did not follow the "orders" that they were given and in turn I was yelled at and threatened for ignoring their instructions.Each time I calmly explained that I am totally deaf in my right ear and this drew an apology.Both incidents left me wondering what might happen if some taser happy policeman thought I was ignoring his instructions?


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Re: An annoying occurance
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2007, 10:10:36 am »
I understand your dilemma as I recently went through the very same incidence at the airport.  My "Deaf On Left" pin, purchased through the ANA stops any and all misunderstandings, but one has to put this into the "bin" before walking through the metal detector.  My husband assists in moments such as these.  And if he's not there to rescue me, I just tell myself "What the hey?  Not much I can do about this." 

Please don't think about tasers, etc. as this only fuels unwanted fears.  Doubts this will happen anyway.  I remember fueling my own fears about being pulled over and given test for drinking and driving, but knowing there isn't much I can do to avoid a situation such as this, only endure the humiliation realising the tables will turn once the officer understands.  So, try to relax and find the humor, it's there, trust me.
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Re: An annoying occurance
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2007, 07:34:57 am »
You are lucky your husband thinks it is okay for you to wear the pin.  Mine thinks it draws attention and makes people stare and ask too many questions.  I wear it when I'm not with him.  It helps a lot in all situations.  I went to court with a friend and I didn't have to remove mine when passing through security.  The officers were very nice about it!  Must be just airports or Houston is friendly or more responsive to needs.  My daughter said it was my redhair they didn't want to mess with.  Either case I'm glad I didn't have to take it off!
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