Author Topic: Newly diagnosed- symptoms seem to be getting worse or just stress?  (Read 466 times)


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Hello everyone-

I am 36 & was diagnosed with a 4mm x 6mm AN on my left side on 4/3. I was having debilitating headaches, earaches, tinnitus, then I could feel it in my throat when I moved my head to the side or swallowed. All of this started February 11th. I was convinced I had an inner ear infection until the MRI results came back. I have no hearing loss.

I’ve been told repeatedly that my symptoms don’t match the size or the diagnosis of AN. But this isn’t a migraine. I have no idea what else this could be.

Just within the last two days I started having a tingly sensation radiating above my left ear to the top of my head. Today, it’s going down the front of my face & it feels like a Novocain shot starting to wear off. 

My question is considering how “small” everyone keeps telling me the tumor is, are these symptoms of the AN or is this stress? I have three small kids at home until further notice, trying to keep working two jobs & trying to also volunteer to help EMS workers on the frontline. I have chosen to do a middle fossa surgery but there is no date set with everything going on. I’m just wondering if this sounds like symptoms or if this is something else? TBH, I’m trying to not freak out that this is a stroke.

Also, does stress make AN worse/grow faster?

Thank you so much for reading & I hope everyone of safe & healthy right now.


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Re: Newly diagnosed- symptoms seem to be getting worse or just stress?
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2020, 06:10:10 am »
I note your front line EMS work.  Have you tested negative for COVID-19?  Maybe you contracted it and it is aggravating the tumor or the nerves around the tumor?  I realize its a respiratory disease, mainly, but the virus seems to be affecting people and dishing out symptoms in lots of ways (such as loss of taste and smell).  I have not heard of stress specifically making it grow faster, though tumors are known to have growth spurts.
March 2018: 10 x 5 x 5 mm AN diagnosed April 2018.  October 2018: 12 x 5 x 5 mm.  Considering surgery in early 2019.
October 2019: 14 x 5 x 5mm.  Surgery scheduled for late Jan 2020.
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Re: Newly diagnosed- symptoms seem to be getting worse or just stress?
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I'm not a doctor and can only speak from my experience, but I had, and still sometimes have, what I would call "ghost" symptoms.  They can definitely be aggravated by stress.  My doctor told me this is common. Once we know there's a tumor in there, we get hyper-sensitive and our bodies magnify things.  Living through a pandemic does not help in this regard!

Glad you're doing middle fossa. I had amazing results from that and am glad I made that choice. Where will you have that done?
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