Author Topic: Who has regain good balance after surgery to remove AN?  (Read 5491 times)


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Re: Who has regain good balance after surgery to remove AN?
« Reply #15 on: February 14, 2018, 03:42:00 pm »
I just had retrosigmoid surgery 12 days ago, Feb. 2 at University Hosp. in Cleveland. I was in watch and wait for abut 5 years and then this past year my tumor more than doubled in size which required GK or surgery. I am 67 years old and elected to have the surgery. These past 5 years prior to my surgery, I did Zumba faithfully until about 1 year ago. I could no longer do the up and down movements or the turning around. I then joined Silver Sneakers (exercise programs for seniors) and began that once a week. Those classes do a lot of balance exercises.
My balance right now is amazing considering surgery. I started my PT on Monday, and the therapist said my balance is above normal for my age and found it hard to believe my vestibular nerve was cut. I feel great and have a few weeks of vestibular therapy to continue. I believe that all my exercising up to my surgery date has helped tremendously. I had my first Dr. appt. yesterday and he advised that my vestibular nerve had long been destroyed these past several years due to the tumor and our brain adjusts and compensates for the damaged nerve.

My surgery went very well, no complications so far and facial nerve in tact. My hearing was already gone before the surgery and I will not get it back. I still have a lot of tinnitus but learning to live with it. I think all my minor balance issues will be gone soon.  I hope this can help someone who is still in watch and wait.


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Re: Who has regain good balance after surgery to remove AN?
« Reply #16 on: February 21, 2018, 10:09:37 pm »
I am 5 weeks post operative ! I had a 2.2 right vestibular rumor removed by translabrynth approach . I am still walking with assistance of a cane . I feel very comfortable In the house with unassisted ambulatingbut am wobbly .  This is getting better. Turning my head is really hard,  Much dizziness. I have a lot of wobbly walking. I don’t feel comfortable in public walking alone . I am a nurse and will not be returning to work for awhile. I must say I have had minimal pain, not needing anything stronger than Tylenol for discomfort. I do have the metallic taste in my mouth and the dry mouth issue. Other wise I am trying to be patient, walk and rest . Fatigue is  real and I must take breaks. Just wanted to post to give everyone an idea of my recovery . Thank you all for sharing