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Sorry for your problems,,
Didn’t your audiologist have the processor customized for you ? When I received my processor, the audiologist ran a program on the computer to adjust the settings etc just for me,,,,

But if you don’t have an audiologist for some reason,  I suggest you find one with experience with the BAHA,, not all audiologists are familiar with them,, ,, but even before that,, take it to the doctor who did the implant and have him show you how to snap it on,,
I think you need someone to help you get acquainted with your BAHA.

Goood luck ,
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I went with the PONTO over the Cochlear mainly due to the MIPS.  The surgery was a breeze and I had no issues.  I was not ready to get cut into so the thought of the minimally invasive procedure helped.  Also, the PONTO seemed to work well and clear for me during the headband test.   I had the surgery in August and received the PONTO in November.  It took a few times going back to the Audiologist to have it adjusted to get it to a point that I am very happy with it.  She has done two programs and I use the 2nd one in noisy restaurants.  I also received the microphone and TV adapter and stream everything to it.  I love answering the phone and playing music thru the streamer too.
I hear very clear and do better with the device although of course it will never be like perfect hearing.  It has helped a lot as I can hear people on the bad side.  Sometimes I still am not sure which direction but most of the time I do realize it.
Good luck in your decision!
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