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So I had my surgery March 27th, and recovery is going really well!  I do have SSD in my left ear, and my ENT said that I have time to decide if I'd want to go with the Baja device or not.  I've met my insurance deductivel and have until March 1st to make a decision (before March 1st actually).  There's a lot of info, and it really is confusing to me.  Is the BAJA a specific brand...or are there multiple Manufacturers that make the BAJA devices?  If so, is there a Brand I should be considering or asking my ENT about?  Also, are there any other options other than BAJA to provide me with hearing from my deaf side?  I've read some forums about the Phonak CROS...but I thought if I had SSD that the only thing that would really help me is the BAJA??  Any info in Lehman's terms, would be greatly appreciated.



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dfoxhoven -

usually those who are SSD have a couple of options, the BAHA being one.  The TransEar is another option, as is the Sound Bite.  The Phonak CROS is another.

In layman's terms:

The TransEar is worn in the ear and it's specifically molded to your ear canal; custom fit. 

The Sound Bite consists of two pieces - one worn inside the mouth and one worn behind the ear.

The Phonak CROS is similar to a conventional hearing aid; I don't know a lot of specifics about it but hear that people like it.

The BAHA consists of a titanium implant and a processor (tiny hearing aid).  Unlike the TransEar, Sound Bite, and Phonak CROS a surgery is required (but it's generally outpatient).

The BAHA is currently manufactured by two companies Cochlear ( and Oticon (sorry, don't know their web address).  BAHAs come in different colors (to match your hair) and in different models (some are stronger than others - the model you pick generally depends on the level of hearing you have in your "good" ear). 

You should ask your ENT if you can try a BAHA demo, it will give you some idea of how the BAHA works (the real thing is MUCH better). 

There are numerous posts on the Forum about BAHAs, one very long thread on the Sound Bite started by Gloria, and a few threads about the TransEar and the Phonak CROS.  If you use the search box in the upper righthand corner of your screen you can find them.

You can also search the Web for BAHA (bone-anchored hearing aid), TransEar, Sound Bite, and Phonak Cros.

I'm most familiar with the BAHA, but have to honestly say which "remedy" you choose is a personal choice.

I love my BAHA - had the implant almost 5 years ago and haven't regretted it ever - but there are those who are just as happy with their choice.

Here is one of my favorite explanations of how a BAHA works:

Hope this helps,

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