Author Topic: Ordered my eyelids weights-questions for the experienced user  (Read 1545 times)


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I saw my ophthalmologist today and my double vision has improved from 12-16 diopters to 2-5 diopters and my vision is back to 25/25 which is what it was pre-surgery.  However, due to the facial paralysis, I still have no blink and I am exactly 2 months out from surgery. 

I ordered an external eyelid weight and although the sample was annoying it did blink my lid.

Question:  Those of you who used the external weights-> do you get used to the tape and weight on your lid and has it helped much?  Do you get a reflexive blink so that you don't have to consciously blink your eye every 10 seconds?

Amy ::)

4 cm right AN removed restrosigmoid 4/13/06
Partial facial paralysis, SSD and trigeminal numbness for now