Author Topic: Help for Jan...I didn't want this to get lost....  (Read 1448 times)


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Help for Jan...I didn't want this to get lost....
« on: April 23, 2006, 10:32:11 am »
I high-jaked this from another thread because I didnt' want it to get lost.  Hope you don't mind Jan.
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hi i read your problems with much interest.i had surgury in may 2003.12 x 6 fort wayne in.i live in south bend,but was refered to fort wayne.only had hearing problem in ear,coudn't hear on phone,some dizziness problems and ear felt like there was a pencil in it.the dr.said my tumor was mushroomed shaped and they could not get the tumor off the bone.i go for mri this monday it's been 1 tr.since the last one.then the tumor was 6 x 4 ml.i did have problems with balance and going to grocery stores but went to the balance center in fort wayne for therapy.3 times since the surgury,and it did help.i've been going to a neurologist since june  05 and niow going every 3 months instead of every month.i have been having alot of memory problems and trying to say the right words.last summer i was hardly talking to amnyone.he put me on strattera.i started out with 15mg.and as of last week i am on 60mg.and on aricept.i have come along way from where i was last june.but now i am having more problems vestibular.i am not driving my car husband has changed his schedule to drive me to work and dr.appt.i was almost in 5 accidents that would have all been my fault and almost hit a man that i did not neurologist said not to drive,it took me a while to understand that i should not be driving.i close my eyes alot while my husband is driving.we drove to minnesota to see my husbands parents last march 05 and i have never been one to sleep in the car.i sleep in the back seat all the way there and the way back.10 1/2 hr one way. i was told by the neurologist i had hrdrocephalus.the eeg i had for 48 hrs.showsd i was having seizures or the hydrocepkalus was getting worse.there are times i can't think of names or thingsi should know.i have a very hard time learning anything new at work.i can't remember what i did yesterday.i have problems reading and watching tv.being on the computer will cause problems later on in the day.especially at work.i limit myslf to 1 hr.a day for the news and quit reading the newspaper.and don't very often get on the husband pays the bills.i had problems following a reipe,but now i can ,only sometimes asking for neurologist also put me on sleeping medication because i was only getting 3-4 hrs a night.sorry this is so long,but alot of things have happened.the dr who dod my surgury said they had to stop the surgury 3 times.i didn't think to ask why.later i thoughyt about it ,maybe it was my high blood pressure.i am 54 yrs old.i don't know how things will turn out.just doing the best i can to stay working at my job.  jan
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Re: Help for Jan...I didn't want this to get lost....
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Jan, see my post in the General Discussion category.
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