Author Topic: NF2 Support Group at NYU  (Read 3339 times)


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NF2 Support Group at NYU
« on: April 03, 2009, 06:33:44 pm »
Hi everyone.  I am not diagnosed with NF2, but was at a recent appointment with my surgeon, Dr Roland at NYU, and heard about a new group they have put together for patients diagnosed with NF2.  I thought it was good know, and wanted to pass the info along.  I believe that Dr Roland is heading the team of doctors to collectively focus on working with patients diagnosed with NF2.  I read an article (while I was waiting for my appointment) that so many patients with NF2 find it difficult to get the proper care from 1 or a team of doctors so I thought this info might help 1 person, it was worth posting it.

Diagnosed Jan 21, 2008 w/1.8CM AN on left side.  Had is removed on March 19th at NYU.  And I am super grateful for such wonderful doctors!!