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an added comment to the linac video one....
« on: August 10, 2007, 07:54:50 pm »
I hadn't looked at all the speeches when i posted below but I want to add that the one given by the Honourable George Smitherman  was good...

A tumour is a tumour whether labelled benign or cancer really,  and I found his speech did address the whole thing about having timely, latest art type thing for treatment. I know that even five years ago, three years ago for myself,  I had no idea about any of this sort of thing. I had not been diagnosed with An, I had no idea what kinds of treatments were available for cancer  beyond surgical ops that were invasive with a scalpel, never mind a benign tumour called an Acoustic neuroma or a vestibular neuroma of NF I or II. I was fortunate in that I found out about treatment options for my An very quickly after hearing I had one, when I logged onto the Anac board and this board here, Anausa.  Wonderful thing the net and boards like this.

Many thanks to all who run this place and post. I know it has helped so very many.

happy thoughts to all
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