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"Heal Your Headache"
« on: June 25, 2007, 07:31:31 am »
I have found some interesting information to share with you.
I have had chronic headaches pre and post treatment (along with other symtoms) and was referred to a "headache specialist".  We are trying some different medications (might be some improvement, but jury is still out!). The Doctor recommend that I read a book by David Buchholtz,M.D. of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, "Heal Your Headache" which is very enlightening.  Maybe if some of you read it and we spread the word to other AN'ers and have some input from other Doctors, maybe we can get some satisfaction in dealing with these dang things.  The central focus of this book is redefining "migraine" and how it works.  I, for one, always thought of Migraine as a particular kind of headache, with aura, nausea,etc. and was actually told many years ago by a specialist at UC Hospital that that is a misconception but he never explained it in the way this book does.  I haven't looked up the book on  but it cost me $7.50 at the Kaiser Hospital book store.

Let me know if/when you read it and or get input from your Doctors.  You can send me a private e-mail or post.