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Post translab surgery MRI’s
« on: May 19, 2021, 01:24:32 pm »
In August it will be two years since my translab surgery. I had my first post surgery MRI at 8 months. Everything looked good; no change. Now it is 14 months after my MRI and my Surgeon’s office has not called me to schedule a second test. I’ve left messages  and no one has returned my calls. Normally I wouldn’t be concerned but for the past 3 weeks, when I wake from sleeping, I feel that old dizzy and imbalanced feeling and have trouble walking to and from the rest room which is only a few feet away since my surgery almost two years ago, my balance is pretty good during daylight hours, but when it gets dark, I’m very imbalanced. I can’t even walk down steps or even off a curb at night without someone assisting me. Should I be concerned about this renewed imbalance after sleepingAnd is it possible that the 5 percent of the tumor that was left because my facial nerve would have been compromised, could be after only 2 years?  Any responses would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Post translab surgery MRI’s
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I would imagine your health care provider has in in their schedule to follow up with the MRI. I just had my five year check up and they contacted me about it.

The balance thing is tough. Many of us have difficulty in the dark, and I know also that sometimes it fluctuates and isn't consistent, which is frustrating. hang in there.
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Re: Post translab surgery MRI’s
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I have the same drs as Greece Lover and was told it will always be a problem in the dark.       Flashlights and nightlights are your new friends,
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