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Dry Eye Success Story
« on: March 18, 2020, 09:24:38 pm »
I had extremely severe dry eye syndrome for a couple years. I tried a hell of a lot of stuff and in the end it proved to be so simple and easy to recover.

The most crucial thing I learned in treating my dry eye syndrome was that I had enough tears, it was just a matter of distributing them over my eye. So I need to close my eyes and roll my eyes around, holding my eyelids close to my eyes. Using this technique helps make eyedrops work as well. I used to use autologous serum eyedrops and they never worked until I started using this technique.

I got the idea for this from another poster who talked about finding success with a saline I rinse where the eye was saturated with saline for 30 seconds or so and while the eyes were being moved around. So thank you very much for this.
I have gone from being almost blind, since my eyes hurt too much to open and use, to being able to go out to the beach in the mornings and in the evenings when the light is still dim. Soon I should be able to go out at midday as well.