Author Topic: Who has been in W&W for years with mild to no symptoms?  (Read 1937 times)


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Re: Who has been in W&W for years with mild to no symptoms?
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I have very mild symptoms - main one is tinnitus.  Sometimes a bit of balance and sometimes fatigue.  I had eye issues in 2011, those subsided. I have been watch and wait 8 years now.  My AN is very very small, however, my sister's was also very very small and it disabled her pretty much within a six month period since it affected her balance and vision big time.  She had it surgically removed (back in 2001), she's single sided deaf due to the surgery but she lives a normal life, works, etc.  Sometimes I don't even remember she's single sided deaf until I get on the wrong side when walking with her.  I just take hope that there was a study done in a European country years ago (Finland maybe) and they examined the brains of many people after they died and found small ANs that the people had never reported issues with/never were diagnosed with.  So I'm hopeful I'll be like that.
Sister 3MM surgically removed 11/2001.
Me - Tinnitus Jan 2011. MRI April 2011 almost 2MM AN.  Symptoms increased June 2011; MRI over 2MM AN July 2011. July 2012 MRI: AN now 2 MM which ties to symptom decline. July 2013 MRI: barely 2MM Aug 2015: STABLE Aug 2017: STABLE Oct 2019: STABLE!