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Those who traveled for treatment...
« on: August 09, 2018, 10:55:00 am »
I will be traveling out of state for surgical removal of AN. For those of you who did something similar, what were some of the logistics of traveling for surgery?

Did you have to worry about childcare?
Did your family travel with you?
How long did you stay near by the hospital after discharge?
How many times did you have to travel back and forth?

I would appreciate anything else you would like to share in helping me to prepare for out of state surgery.
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Re: Those who traveled for treatment...
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2018, 10:03:25 pm »
I traveled from Hawaii to San Diego for treatment by Dr. Friedman and Schwartz. I arrived 2 days before to settle in and attend to the pre-op appointments the day before surgery. We chose a nicer hotel knowing full well that we would be there for nearly 2 weeks so a variety of dining options and comfort were high on our list. My wife was with me the whole time and my teenage children were there about half the time (school pulled them back). We had additional family and friends who helped my wife out during my recovery. Trust that you will be cranky, uncomfortable, and in varying degrees of pain for days/weeks. Luckily we got to the root of my pain after about the 7th day and things improved dramatically thereafter.

Having help is incredibly important with food, bathing, pill tracking, communication with the doctors, and just plain support and comfort. We scheduled our departure 2 days after our last post-op appointments which put us in San Diego for about 12 days total. It is a long time to be in a hotel room without being able to do much so patience is key. Staying nearby the hospital/doctors offices is pretty important as well. Car rides weren’t something I enjoyed very much the first 2 weeks post surgery. Bumpy roads, acceleration, and braking weren’t pleasant sensations post brain surgery so short drives are really helpful. Once we were out of the hospital, we made only a single trip back to the doctor’s office before our final post op appointments.

One thing to think about is the time zone difference. Hawaii is 3 hours behind CA during the summer so my 5:30am check in time felt like a 2:30am check in as we were still largely on Hawaii time at that point.
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Re: Those who traveled for treatment...
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2018, 06:04:50 am »
Hi nomad9988 .....

My husband and I flew across the US for my AN surgery (3 time zones away).  We stayed in a guest house close to the hospital and clinic, which was wonderful because it had a common area with a kitchen and dining room on the same floor.

We flew out a few days before surgery and flew home 13 days post-op.  I had no issues except for fatigue when weather delays caused a very late arrival home.

That was my only trip as the recovery was smooth.

So much depends upon your own unique situation, including overall health, no complications, etc.  We made our plane reservations ahead of time, knowing we could delay the return with a medical note, had there been any reason to do so.  Most complications, if there are any, will occur within 10 days of surgery.  I had none.

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Re: Those who traveled for treatment...
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2018, 10:30:23 pm »
I traveled from MI to San Diego. I scheduled my return flight three days after my scheduled follow up with the doctors, but would have been able to adjust the flight if necessary. I only traveled with my husband, our kids stayed home with their grandmother. He stayed in the hospital with me. We flew in on Sunday, had pre-op appointments Monday, surgery on Tuesday. I was discharged on Friday and stayed in a hotel until that next Saturday. We Ubered a ton, and also did a 2 day car rental when we wanted to venture out a little further. Walking was weird, riding in a car was weird, even sleeping elevated was weird. But you just find a way to cope. Our hotel was approx 10-15 minutes away from the hospital because it was more cost efficient for us. It did have a refrigerator and microwave plus free breakfast, so we were able save some money that way as well. It was good to have snacks in the room because there wasnt a set schedule of how I would feel. After discharge I only returned to the area of the hospital again for my post op follow ups. While we were in San Diego we walked the area around the hotel as well as spent time walking in areas that we ubered to. I'm four weeks out of surgery, and have not had to go back. I have communicated with the doctors via phone or email. Good luck to you