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Dealing with Tinnitus
« on: April 25, 2018, 09:47:49 am »
I  am 5 weeks and 2 days out from surgery (retro-sigmoid approach); I had no hearing loss before the surgery but was having tinnitus, facial numbness and weakness.  I had severe neuritis 1 week post operatively which is finally improving.  Balance, headache and fatigue are steadily improving, thinking of going back to work part time next week.  I was left with complete deafness on the AN side, and I still have tinnitus but it is different.  Any sound seems to exacerbate it.  For example, it slightly increases in intensity with every click of my keyboard as I type this.  Loud sudden noises cause a greater increase or even a 'zapping' sensation that can sometimes make me flinch.  It is worse in higher back ground noise situations.  We went to a show last night and I found I had to actively focus on what I was supposed to be hearing and it was hard to ignore the tinnitus.  It does not really bother me at night, I guess I have gotten used to it, unless there is some type of sudden noise, which would probably have awoken me anyway.

Has anyone else had these type of symptoms?  Most people  I have asked look at me like I am crazy...

Would also like to add that I previously exercised almost every day, did a lot of extra yoga prior to surgery in the hopes it would help me with balance issues, but now I just fall whenever I attempt certain poses.  There is no trying to regain my balance, I am just on the floor.  Perhaps I need to give this more time?
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Re: Dealing with Tinnitus
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2018, 06:29:50 pm »
Hi Scobee,
Sorry to hear the things you are dealing with. I am 18 months out from surgery. I had very similar symptoms as you except I has hypersensitivity to sound in my good ear. For about a month post surgery I needed to have it very quiet because all sound seemed to be magnified. Dr. Friedman did my surgery and he indicated it likely was because blood got into my spinal fluid during surgery. The sensitivity in my good ear has diminished but I still have issues that white noise which seems to applify the tinnitus in my bad ear. This has gotten somewhat better over 18 months but if I am in loud environments (e.g., restaurants) then it seems to amplify the tinnitus in my bad ear. One thing that helps me very much is that I purchased a pair of musicians earplugs and I wear one in my good ear. Decreasing the white noise in my good ear seems to reduce the tinnitus in my bad ear. Time passage has also allowed my brain to be more “tolerant” so it does not bother me the same way.

Keep working on your balance. I had to use a walker post-surgery but at 7 months post-op I was able to ride my bike (2-wheel  :) )and 9 months post-op I started to play soccer. The more you move the better your “gaze stabilization” will be. I still get dizzy at times and get dizzy at times when I play soccer but I am really doing quite well. Please don’t get discouraged just keep moving and trying to exercise.
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Re: Dealing with Tinnitus
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2018, 01:25:42 pm »
Hi Scobee.  I also find your discussion of your experiences with tinnitus familiar.  I had a lot of tinnitus before surgery and I continued to have some after surgery for some months.  And, as you indicated, it was different in nature.  I too had very sensitive hearing in my remaining good ear (deaf in the AN ear from retrosigmoid).  Loud noises felt like an assault.  Again this continued for some months.  I don't know how long it lasted exactly, but it did diminish gradually and, though there is still a little tinnitus type stuff going on, I can pretty well ignore it now.  I am three years post surgery and do have other ongoing symptoms, but the tinnitus definitely diminished over probably about 6 months after surgery.