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New, SSHL rule out AN
« on: February 27, 2018, 08:59:41 pm »
Hello everyone!

My husband as of 9 days ago lost his hearing in the right ear. We are in day 7 of high-dose oral steroids and our 2nd intra-tympanic injection of steroids. MRI is scheduled for next week. I joined this forum due to the slight chance this could be an acoustic neuroma. My concern is that he complains of right facial parathesia.. which does not sound totally like SSHL. I have thumbed through a bit of your posts, and I'm curious if high-dose steroids initially improved your hearing (my thoughts are that they should decrease the inflammation by and/or neuroma= improvement in hearing). However, he  has not seen any improvement in hearing, tinnitus, head ache, "unbalanced sensation" or facial parathesia w/ 7 days of steroids. The wait for the MRI is dreadful!!!

Wishing you all the best