Author Topic: I had my mercury filings removed and my hearing returned to almost equal.  (Read 141 times)


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I am trying everything i can and am open to other ideas, but so far so good.  My AN is 3mm and did not grow since last year when first checked.  Since then I started the keto diet, bought and use an infrared sauna regularly to detox, increased my exercise regimen, take lots of supplements, take bentonite clay to reduce heavy metals, I keep ear plugs in my car, office, everywhere so if i find myself in a loud situation i can stop it easily.  I also meditate 5x p/w with a focus on the AN disintegrating.  I use frankincense essential oil (known to reduce tumors).  Those are the things I can think of right now, but removing the mercury was the #1 thing that caused improvement.  I hope this helps!


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Thank you for sharing your regimen.  Interesting about your experience with mercury amalgam removals.  I am in the process of getting this done, and my 3 remaining amalgams are all on the the left side, the same side as my 1.4 cm AN and hearing loss.  I am also taking supplements, Frankincense, and using homeopathy but not there yet with the meditation.  Where and how do you use the frankincense and do you use it straight or diluted?  I have been applying it in a carrier oil to help with absorption in front of and behind my ear but I know people use it internally straight (neat). 
11/2/17 MRI without contrast for positional vertigo-1.3 cm mass in left internal auditory canal
11/8/17 MRI with contrast - AN 1.4 cm by 0.5 cm by 0.4 cm
12/19/17 Watch and wait; follow up in 6 months
Mild to moderately severe left ear hearing loss