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OHSU for radiation?
« on: December 07, 2017, 04:32:32 pm »
Hi all,

Has anyone had experience with or have knowledge of OHSU, in Portland, Oregon for radiation therapy? I do know they use Novalis Tx which is an alternative to Cyberknife.

I'm choosing insurance prior to the 12-15 deadline and it's been a hard decision. It's extremely expensive for me and I have little choice in policies. I think there is a good chance that I will seek radiation treatment in the coming year, so the choice of insurance is critical. I live in southern Oregon and I believe my insurance options may only allow in-Oregon treatment and the only treatment center that I know of that will be allowed for my insurance option is OHSU in Portland (I was hoping to have the options of Providence Hospital and also Legacy, not to mention House and Stanford in California).

I've been watching and waiting for nearly three years, my AN has been growing, symptoms seem to be worsening, and my time of W/W may be coming to an end.


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