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My doctors ENT DR. McRacken Medical University South Carolina (MUSC) is my doctor when I was diagnosed with a 1.5cm Acoustic Neuroma in the right ear and was a wait to see what happens. After a year it grew to 2.5cm. I was constantly dizzy and my hearing was about 10% of what I should be hearing. DR. McRacken stated since the tumor was now pressing against my brain stem it need to come out and I would lose all hearing in the right ear. He referred me to DR. Vandergrift (MUSC) who would remove the tumor and DR. McRacken would perform the rest of the surgery.

The surgery took about 8 hours to remove the tumor. I was sable to leave the Hospital in 4 days. I have no facial droop or right eye lid not closing. My taste came back in a week and could walk after one day. I had Physical Therapy for 3 weeks and went back to work in 4 weeks.

I had a remarkable recovery with the help of the medical team from MUSC. They knew what they were doing and explained how the stages of recovery would go. They were surprised how fast I was recovering and was ahead of the recovery path.

I would highly recommend this medical team and MUSC if you are thinking of a doctor or hospital to treat your tumor.


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Re: DR. McRacken and DR. Vandergrift Medical University South Carolina
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Congratulations on a successful surgery and recovery. And thank you for posting your experiences.
It is always helpful to hear someone's personal journey especially from a different part of the country than usual. I don't believe I have read many people who have used your team and facility.

Thanks again. Wishes for continued good health,,,
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