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Possible NF2
« on: June 17, 2016, 09:50:11 pm »
Hi guys im new here and i am 19 as of now.
Around a year ago i realize a slight ear ache in the outer area of my left ear which lasted for about a week or so (when i press on it it hurts a little) and then a week later i woke up feeling the left ear a bit clogged up (pressure in ear feeling) but hearing is not affected. Exactly A week later even my right ear feels a little bit pressurized but again hearing is not affected.I have seen a few ENT specialist they couldnt find anything particular wrong with my ear (not infected, didnt have a cold etc) am worried as hell now i can't eat or sleep I am scared this is the beginning of my "gradual hearing loss". I know NF2 is rare and I might sound completely insane, but I am very worried to the point that I cant sleep or eat. It's been one ear now and I dont think my hearing has improved back to the "normal" or "initial" level. What do u guys think? help me out.