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1 year post GK results
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:16:25 pm »
I was diagnosed with a 12x10x13mm AN on June 25, 2013.  A second MRI on November 14, 2013 showed growth to 14x12x16mm.  On December 10, 2013 I had GK at Providence Gamma Knife Center in Portland with Drs Kim and Solhjem.  Just received results of one year follow up MRI which shows some shrinkage to 13x11.5x13mm.  I no longer experience facial numbness, dizziness, or balance issues.  I do have mild tinnitus in both ears and my hearing on my AN side continues to get worse.

I should mention that almost immediately following my diagnosis I discovered that there was an ANA symposium scheduled for August in Los Angeles.  I attended the symposium and found it to a very effective way to learn about the treatment of ANs.  In particular there was a panel discussion of five or six very experienced doctors who debated the merits of the various treatment strategies.  There was a surprising amount of disagreement and there was little reluctance from the doctors to hide their treatment biases.  For me this was a great way to evaluate the treatment options and make an informed treatment decision.  If you are watching and waiting and have the flexibility to wait until summer 2015 I highly recommend attending the symposium.  Lots of certified smart people under one roof.  And many of them are available for questions. Very useful.