Author Topic: Has anyone undergone neuropsychological testing? What to expect? Anxious. . .  (Read 18303 times)

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I am 52 months post-op and still have word retrievel issues. Yesterday I was grocery shopping and my wife called me and asked what I was buying for dinner. At the same time I was talking to her, I was pushing the cart in a busy isle, trying to wind around other shoppers, and looking in the cart at the same time...multi tasking...and I could not name one item in the cart, even though I was looking right at it.

She knows I have this problem. I went to speech therapy class and it helped me. The therapist made me multitask while naming some items you might find in the garage, or walking backwards and counting backwards by twos. My wife helps me by reminding me of some clues the therapist gave me. Sometimes I just have to slow down, because I am just slower.

I am somewhat slow to process what I have heard in a conversation...just have to think about it a little...put everything in its place. By then, the conversation has moved on and I still want to talk about point A and they are already talking about point C.

Are you a Va Tech Hokie gal? I started there in 1968 but we called it VPI back then. Hokie Hokie Hokie Hi, Tech Tech VPI...

You might consider speech therapy. It really helped me recognize my limitations, and they gave me some clues to help me recall words. It does not work all the time, but it helped me to not be so frustrated with myself. Give it a try.



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James, thank you for your interesting post! I too have word retrieval issues, especially when I am tired.  And I understand about taking longer to process auditory inputs, so following a conversation is difficult at times.  My husband has been hearing impaired since childhood (non-AN related) and he has the same issues.  I now have a much better appreciation of his difficulties.  I'll look into speech therapy as you suggested.

Always glad to meet a fellow Hokie!  I was a student in the mid-80's.  We hope to go back for a few days vacation this summer.  It's much more enjoyable when you don't have to study :)
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