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sensitivity on my head?
« on: September 15, 2012, 10:02:19 am »
I'm 13 months out from surgery and i feel really good :) One thing I noticed a bit more lately is when i bend over, my head hurts. also, my head is very sensitive, like above my scar close to the top of my head, when i touch it, or lean it against the pillow its a little sore. It goes away right away, but its like a sensitivity thing. Whats weird is that its at the top of my head, not where the incisiion was. The doctor said its muscle pain, and that it may never go away, its from cutting the muscles during surgery. Anyone else have this. Sometimes it will go away for awhile, and then it comes back. Also, sometimes my surgery area feels tighter than other times. I guess these are all things that are part of my new "normal"
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