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Cheryl R

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« on: December 17, 2011, 10:07:31 pm »
I have had computer issues this week with trying to see if my old slow computer could be fixed and ending up with a new one and more problems.    A defective new monitor was the problem and now have both working well.     I have lost my addresses though as part  of the problem.  So anyone who has my address,please send me an email so I get yours again and will keep them written down also besides on the computer.                Thanks and Happy Holidays to my AN family!
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Re: Computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Will do, Cheryl.

My son in law discovered a BIG sale for the HP Touch which is an iPad copy.    It was more expensive than the iPad so HP decided to get out of the business and is selling them off for $99.   He bought several for gifts for the family.   My father is very happy with his.   He's 97 and can actually work it, read email and the daily paper.

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