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« on: July 19, 2006, 08:46:53 am »
I was recently diagnosed with a 1 cc an tumor and up until last night had no problems, other than cloggness in my ear.  I woke up in the middle of the night and all of a sudden the room was spinning.  This occurred a few times during the night and when I started to walk, I felt like I was walking funny.  I stayed home from work today since I take a bus and train and was afraid it would start up again. It seems to have stopped now, but am wondering is this something that will come back and forth again.   I've chosen my doctor & team and now deciding on a date for surgery.  I probably will be having the approach where I lose all hearing (as there isn't much left now in that ear).

Has anyone had vertigo, and if so, what can I do. 



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Re: Vertigo
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sorry there is not much you can do! but here are a few hints ...

 * darkness makes it worse .. if you can't see, your systems depends more on your ears for balance!

 * don't look at your feet .. it sounds strange but it works! .. I do a lot of river fishing , and have lots of rocks and uneven surfaces.. and I cant look at my feet!.. look straight ahead and use the feet to feel around ..

* crowds are hard .. for the same reason as above... you can't see were you are going well .. so your of balance .. take the long way if need be, avoid the crowds

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Re: Vertigo
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Hi Al and welcome.... glad to see you here... :)

So many of us here experience the dizziness and vertigo affiliated with AN's.  Helps to throw off our balance and many of us here have tried all different kinds of remedies to help control the "spin".

Now, only speaking for me.... I am now 3-1/2 mos post Cyberknife Radio-surgery. The vertigo began for me a few weeks back. My radio-oncologist first recommended low does Antivert (prescribed for vertigo) to me. I have a major sensitivity to meds, so... I received the lowest dose (12.5mg). It did nothing for me.  So, I also corresponded with Dr. Medbury on the Cyberknife Support Board (  He had noted that there are many in the same shoes and that low dose Valium (2mg), 3x/day helps to control the hyperactive signals the hearing/balance nerves receive.  So, I've now been on low dose "Vitamin V" for 3 weeks now.  My vertigo has been better now (still not 100% but better).

so, that is my story.

I know many will chime in here with their thoughts, remedies tried, those that worked and failed... but know that yes, many of us do experience it and we are more than happy to share with you our experiences.

Please hang in there... and by the way, the drinks are watered down here!  I'd order a bottled beer instead! :)

Be well.

(BTW, what JoeF writes... oh, so true! *waves hi to Joe*)
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