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More AN humor
« on: October 14, 2011, 09:34:18 pm »
I do enjoy reading about the lighter side of just about anything, ANs included.  I remember reading one a few months back (and just found it again) about an AN in all its 'Play Girl' glory.  I have an imagination, but can't actually determine the issue.

Regardless, as I knew would happen, my hearing is deteriorating on the AN side.  When I was first diagnosed, I definitely had tinnitus when it was quiet in the house or work (which neither is a quiet environment - so really not that noticeable).  However, the high frequency loss is obviously getting worse.

For the last two days, my husband watch alarm (or so I guess by its sound) goes off every morning just before 6am as I am getting out of the shower [we get up about 5:30am - so are early birds].  I can hear it clearly, but have absolutely no idea where the sound is coming from.  My initial guess was the closet but didn't find it on Day 1 before it stopped going off (I have about 30-40 seconds).  Today, I thought it was coming from around his bedside table.  Couldn't find it. 

So, for whatever odd reason, I am eagerly awaiting tomorrow morning (going to work so am still getting up at 5:30am) to see if I can find that darn watch.  It is possible he moves it each day but doubtful as it is his back-up sports watch.  I could also ask him to find it but somehow am getting a kick out of running around the bedroom looking for this high pitched beeping watch!

Wish me luck!

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