Author Topic: 1cm regrowth flwg 3cm removal translab 11 yrs ago - 2nd surgery or GK???  (Read 3456 times)


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Please offer any feedback. Left side 3 cm AN translab removal was successful 11 years ago; now 1 cm regrowth found. Have opinions from doctors to have second surgery or to have GK.  Has anyone faced the same situation? If yes, what opinions did you get and do you have any insight or success with either to report (I know the GK success isn't immediately known).

Thank you for whatever comments you may be able to offer.

Left side AN 3cm 2000 translab removal at NYU. Left side 1cm recurrance 2011, translab removal at NYU.


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Sorry to hear about the regrowth.

I think that most on the Forum who experienced regrowth opted for surgery.  I didn't realize that GK was a possibility; but then again, I don't know everything about ANs.


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Since you didn't mention how well your hearing, balance and other functions are doing on your AN side, I can only speak in general terms. And, of course, only you can make the decision which is right for you. But since you asked, here's my two cents:

Since no treatment can guarantee 100% that there will not be regrowth, I think your decision ultimately comes down to which type of treatment you're most comfortable and confident with. If it were me, I would ask your doctors what the risks are for regrowth, facial paralysis, hearing loss, balance issues, headaches and other complications, in percentage terms, for each type of treatment. Knowing this will help you gauge what quality of life you would likely have following each type of treatment. Choose whatever will give you the highest quality of life after treatment. Nothing else matters.

Best wishes,
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