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Baha Gotcha/Regotcha/Programmed/Reprogrammed?!?
« on: January 18, 2011, 12:22:37 pm »
 I have had a bit of a bumpy start with my Baha and I am trying to figure out if it is me, the programming, the feedback monitor, or just my over-expectations. 

I got my processor on December 18 but for some reason, I think because my appt got all changed due to Dr. emergency surgery, I did not have it programmed that day.  It worked FABULOUSLY on the NYC LOUD streets for about 1/2 hours as I walked to my post MRI place (was on factory setting).  My husband didn't know how to shut it off and didn't read the directions and punched all the buttons and when I came out of my MRI it wasn't working well at all.  Very frustrating!  So I took it off and didn't wear it and made an appt to get it programmed on Dec 28th.  Well, my last hearing test had been at House and I forgot to have it sent so they went off my first hearing test when I was diagnosed with the AN back in June '09.  So it is programmed now for my right ear and, to be honest, I didn't notice that much of a difference unless I plugged my good ear.  If I plugged my good ear, I could hear everthing and it was amazing but if I didn't plug it, I couldn't tell.  Until the day I forgot to wear it and then I actually did notice a big difference - it felt like there was a brick wall on my deaf side. 

I am wondering now if I need to get a more up to date hearing test and tweak it because...

I had hoped that the Baha would improve my hearing in the noisy classroom.  I still can't make out a student talking on my deaf side in that environment.  I can make out more of the words but miss some.  Does this sound right?  And yet, I can hear a sheet of paper turning and other minute I m thinking that maybe it is not at the right program for voices? Same in a noisy restaurants, I thought  I would be able to hear the person next to me on my deaf side and I can but I can't always make out everything they say.

Does this have anything to do with the feedback manager.  I know some people have had that turned off.  I do squeal when I put it ion and when I put my head back on couch or lean it near my husband's shoulder.  Is this too much feedback or normal?

Finally, does anyone hear from it on the telephone?  I have experimented because I thought you could...I can hear but not well enough to use that side...interested to see if anyone does that.

So I basically need to know if this sounds right or if this sounds like my prcessor is not programmed the best it can be?


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Re: Baha Gotcha/Regotcha/Programmed/Reprogrammed?!?
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2011, 09:32:25 pm »
First and foremost, while the BAHA is a big improvement over being SSD without any kind of assistance, it will never be like your normal hearing.  It does have limitations.

However, you should be able to hear someone on your "bad" side talking to you.  Sometimes it takes time to get adjusted to the BAHA - and lots of times you don't realize it's working until you forget to wear it.

Everyone's hearing environment is somewhat unique.  Some have their BAHAs programmed, some don't.  Mine has the "factory" settings and it's never been programmed by my audiologist.  As far as I can recall, my feedback manager is on, and I've never had any issues with it.  But, I know lots of people who had to have the feedback manager turned off because it always wanted to squeal or "talk back" in their environment.

Programming can be tricky - it needs to be done by an audiologist - but once you get it right for you, you shouldn't have any more issues.

The goal with a BAHA is to not have to adjust it all the time.  I put mine on in the morning and rarely have to touch it; only time I do is to move it from program to program if necessary. 

I don't use the phone on my BAHA side, but someone on the Cochlear Community said she does and that the trick is to hold the phone up to your processor - not up to your ear.  According to her that gives the best result.  Just don't hold the phone against your processor, or you'll get feedback (squealing).  I've yet to try it - I'm gotten used to just holding the phone up to my right ear.

IMO, you should start with your audiologist and have your processor reprogrammed.

Good luck,

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Re: Baha Gotcha/Regotcha/Programmed/Reprogrammed?!?
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2011, 09:17:14 am »
Thanks Jan...pretty much what I have concluded...I am going to get an up to date audiology test and make sure it is programmed for is a REAL improvement over SSD - just need to figure out noisy stuff since my career is surrounded by noisy kids! ::)
5 mm lateral IAC (impacted?) diagnosed 6-09-09
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Re: Baha Gotcha/Regotcha/Programmed/Reprogrammed?!?
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2011, 10:36:49 am »
Hi Cheryl,
I have had similar problems.  I've had the feedback and also the feeling that I'm not hearing well enough.  You can see my post from earlier today, and you will see the most recent saga.  However, I don't expect my hearing to be pre-SSD level.  I know it will never be.  If you lean back on the couch, or your BAHA touches something, it is going to give you feedback.  I was also told that the natural instinct is to want it turned up to its loudest setting, or have the audiologist program it as far as possible.  However, in the end, that is not the best thing to do and you will get feedback and squealing if it is too high.  I know what you mean about hearing the paper rustling, but not always hearing someone in a noisy room.  I think that is very normal, and just takes some adjustment.  It takes time to get used to it.  I do hear people on my SSD side and that is the most amazing thing.  I just know I will never hear perfectly in a noisy room.  People with normal hearing can't hear all that well in a noisy room either!  Let me know what happens after you get it programmed.  I think the beauty of some of the BAHAs is that they can be programmed and customized to meet your needs.
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