Author Topic: Neuro Surgeon in Chicagoland area  (Read 1893 times)


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Neuro Surgeon in Chicagoland area
« on: February 09, 2010, 10:39:24 pm »
Is anyone familiar with Dr. Gail Rosseau with the Cerullo group from the Chicago Insitute of Neurosurgery and Neuroresearch? They have just moved from the lakeshore area and have spread out to 4 different hospitals. If I need surgery, I am not certain about staying with this group.
Gamma knife procedure 1/25/08 for a 3cm AN. Left facial weakness after contacting Ramsey/Hunt Syndrome. (They say) No hearing in left ear.


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Re: Neuro Surgeon in Chicagoland area
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2010, 06:25:10 am »
I obviously don't know all the doctors in the Chicago area, but I've never heard of Dr. Rosseau or the Cerullo group.

The biggest docs who treat ANs in this area are Richard Wiet and Robert Battista - Ear Institute of Chicago (affiliated with Northwestern University) and John Leonetti (affiliated with Loyola).  There is also a Dr. Redleaf, I believe, who works out of the University of Chicago; I know she does BAHAs in addition to AN surgery.

The Ear Institute of Chicago is one of the ANA's Centers of Excellence, and while they aren't recommended by the ANA (the ANA doesn't make recommendations) they have passed certain requirements that qualify them as one of these centers.   In addition, Richard Wiet is on the ANA's Medical Advisory Board and he has an excellent reputation; he's been involved in many "firsts" in the AN world in the state of Illinois.

Wiet and Battista do GK, but won't radiate a tumor over 3 cms - which is usally the threshold for most docs who treat ANs with radiation.

I am a patient of Robert Battista's.  He did both my AN surgery and my BAHA implant surgery and I recommend many patients to him.

Chicago Ear patients who have surgery have it done at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital, which is a small, private hospital with a stellar staff.  The other part of the surgical team is Dr. Robert Kazan - he's the only neurosurgeon that Wiet & Battista do AN surgeries with.

Retrosig 5/31/07 Drs. Battista & Kazan (Hinsdale, Illinois)
Left AN 3.0 cm (1.5 cm @ diagnosis 6 wks prior) SSD. BAHA implant 3/4/08 (Dr. Battista) Divino 6/4/08  BP100 4/2010 BAHA 5 8/2015

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