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AN - Worcester, MA Social
« on: October 26, 2009, 09:11:42 am »
Kudos to Phyl for all the work and support she provides us; we finally got to meet face-to-face. What a spirit!! It was great to meet other ANA moderators as Jim and his wife, Tina  .. all the "crazies" with forum handles as StoneAxe etc. We share a common condition that impacts our lives daily. I was pleased to share my personal journey with the watchful waiting folks, my treatment choice and why, the research, recent recovery process etc. Our clinical situations are distinct and no one has the same story. Now I am open to be on the "available to call" list for others recently diagnosed. Let me know how to get listed. Much thanks to Jane and Andy for meeting us for the drive. Hi to Lisa too ... we have a community.

My personal concern though is having my AN identify me. I seek to recover, move-on and live life while regarding this as a bump in the road. If I can support those who travel a similar path in life's journey, so much the better. Beyond being on the okay to call list, I want to focus on being a teenager and having fun!! Anyone know if there's a drive-in movie nearby?!!


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Re: AN - Worcester, MA Social
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2009, 09:18:02 am »
I say nothing, m'dear except it was WONDERFUL to FINALLY meet you face to face after such a journey!  Thrilled the spouse decided to join in as well (vs. staying home for peace and quiet).  You are one truly inspirational person and at least we got to do a half-whacked jig! :)

If you are interested for the ANA "Willing to talk" (WTT) list, you can phone the ANA office directly for inquire:


I'll be checking on you.... you know it... hang tough... and tickled, tickled we finally got to meet. Glad you enjoyed yesterday and hoping to see you both for the April 2010 brunch. :)


btw, heard "drive in's" have changed over the years... and I'd stay clear of "raves" as well.  Me thinks we need to find a dance club near by to boggie on down!  (or, whateva' the kids call it nowadays!) I'm game! :)
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