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Head and Neck Pain Treatment
« on: April 14, 2005, 08:50:25 pm »
I had daily headaches and neck pain ranging from dull to severe for a year since my surgery. I have heard comments from other members on this site that describe similar experiences.

I finally went to a neurologist that specializes in headaches. She really seemed to zero in on my problem and said she knew what it was. It is called hemicrania continua type headache. It is almost always responsive to Indomethicin. (Most other headaches don't respond in the same manner to Indomethicin.) It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. I couldn't believe I had missed this on the Internet. The following site offers a good explaination. There are more sites, if you Google it.

This has really eliminated my headaches like nothing else has. I don't like taking medication, but daily headaches are worse. I also take Neurontin(anti-seizure) at bedtime. I have my energy back, as the headaches were exhausting. Indomehticin can be hard on your stomach so I take it with food. I assume it is on the recent FDA warning list like other non-steroidal medications in it's class, but I'm not sure.

I thought I would pass this information on, hoping that someone might benefit from it.

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