Author Topic: Need info on doctors in Northern Colorado  (Read 1795 times)


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Need info on doctors in Northern Colorado
« on: March 18, 2009, 09:36:00 am »
My first AN was removed at MUSC (Medical Univ of South Carolina-Charleston). I have since moved to Northern Colorado and have just gotten the news that I have 2 regrowths in my ear canal and just outside it (or is it inside it?!). That it is a regrowth is the assumption from the follow-up MRI - still waiting to see the specialist. Does anybody have suggestions for facilities and doctors in this area? Thanks, Dianne
Dianne in Colorado, USA
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Re: Need info on doctors in Northern Colorado
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2009, 11:29:17 am »
Hi Dianne~
I am in Texas, but apparently, my Dr. from Houston is now in Denver (if he hasn't retired).  His name is Dr. Herman Jenkins.  While I liked him and I think he did a good job, I would not even give a second thought at this point to going straight to House.  I know that there are others that have had regrowth or NF2 & have used fine surgeons in their areas, but if I have anything that comes back at any point, I have already told my hubby that is where we would go!  They just have so much experience with ONLY AN's and I think that if you have regrowth (or in your case 2), you need the best of the best!  Also, they give free consults if you mail them your films.  Only my opinion...

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